The Southern group of temples, Khajuraho : Chattarbhuj Temple

In this post, I will be covering my visit to the Chaturbhuj temple, built by the Chandelas, which is part of the southern group of temples in Khajurao .

Chattarbhuj literally means  “One who has four arms”. Chattarbhuj Temple or the Jatkari Temple was built in 1100 A.D. by Yasovarman of the Chandela Dynasty.

The temple is dedicated to huge 9 feet intricately carved four armed idol of Hindu God Vishnu.

The temple consists of a sanctum without ambulatory, vestibule, mandapa and an entrance porch.

It is well-known for its architecture and is also the only temple in Khjuraao to be devoid of any erotic sculpture and is only temple facing South.

Some interesting things to not to miss:

  1. Ardhanareeshwara Shiva sculpture  (the half-female, half-male form, where Shiva and Parvati are equally represented in one body)
  2. Nari narasimha avatar ( Female lioness goddess)


Chattarbhuj Temple picture gallery:


Front view of Chattarbhuj temple


Side view of Chaturbhuj temple


Roof carvings


Chaturbhuj God Vishnu


Ganga ( right) and Yamuna (left) at the entrance


Ardhanarishwara Shiva (  Half male and half female)


Nari narasimha avatar


  1. The best way to cover Khajurao temples is to visit Western Group of temples first and then hire a bicycle to cover Eastern and Southern Group of temples. Having a bicycle gives you the flexibility and freedom to visit temple at your own pace and leisure and is cost effective too. You can hire a bicycle for Rs. 50 for full day in Khajurao.
  2. Best time to visit: Oct – mid March
  3. How to reach : The nearest Railway station is Mahoba which is 63 km from Khajurao. One can also reach Khajurao from Jhansi which is well connected by train and road.
  4. One can also visit Orchha which is 15 km from Jhansi while plannnig a visit to Khajurao.

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