Fort Aguada, Goa

Fort Aguada and its lighthouse is a seventeenth-century Portuguese fort in Goa, India, on Sinquerim Beach, overlooking the Arabian Sea. The fort was constructed between 1609 to 1612 by Portuguese to guard against the Dutch and the Marathas and is one of the finest example of Portugese military acumen and architecture.

It is a one of the prime attractions of the tourists visiting Goa and part of many Hindi movies shot in Goa.

Some interesting things to know:

  1. The fort was named for the fresh water spring that gives the fort a continous supply of potable water, ‘agua’ being the Portuguese word for water and ‘Aguada’ signifying a place where water is collected.
  2. The fort is situated next to the confluence of Mandovi River and Arabian Sea
  3. The fort cistern has the capacity of storing 2,000,000 gallons of water, one of the biggest freshwater storages of the time in whole of Asia.
  4. The fort also contained a formidable citadel, secret passageways and had the capacity of up to 200 canons.
  5. It has never fallen into enemy hands.
  6. There is a four-storey lighthouse on the fort which was erected in 1864 and is the oldest of its kind in Asia. It once used oil lamps to emit a beacon of light once every seven minutes, which was later upgraded to emit every 30 seconds and finally discontinued in 1976.

Picture Gallery:




four story lighthouse



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