Architecture marvel – St Joseph’s Cathedral, Hyderabad

One thing that amaze me about Hyderabad is the richness of historical structures in Hyderabad. Located near Gunfoundry, St Joseph’s Cathedral is one of the relatively lesser known historical monuments in Hyderabad.

Some interesting things to about  St Joseph’s Cathedral:

  1. It is  a Roman Catholic Cathedral and one of the oldest churches in Hyderabad.
  2. The Cathedral foundation was laid on 18 March 1870 on the eve of the Solemnity of St. Joseph.
  3. The construction of Cathedral began in 1869 by Fr. Antonio Tagliabue and was completed in 1872 under the direction of Fr. Luigi Malbreti.
  4. The Cathedral is built in Italian style of architecture.
  5. On the Eve of Christmas in 1875, St. Joseph’s Cathedral was opened for devotees.
  6. The three huge bells  on the bell tower were imported from Italy.
  7. The main hall of cathedral can accommodate over 500 people

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